Once, while trying to solicit some business, a Copywriter/Creative Director looked at my portfolio and said, "You're not a poet." While I understood his meaning, I've always tried to emphasize performance over poetry in my work. (Plus, you rarely saw Maya Angelou schlepping Hefty Trash Bags.) Thus, "You're not a poet" became both a badge of honor and a rallying cry. So, in my He's Not A Poet blog, you'll find random thoughts on advertising, alarming alliteration, a plethora of punditry, and absolutely no poetry!

He's Not A Poet

Tour de France Team Sele

Welcome to What The Tour de France Can Teach You About Advertising, 2020 COVID-19 edition. This is my annual post where I use professional bicycling’s Tour de France as a vehicle to help improve your advertising. You can catch up on previous entries here. Because of COVID-19, ... Read More

The 2020 Super Bowl Ad A

Welcome to the 2020 Super Bowl Ad Awards For The Non-Poetic! Super Bowl LIV is history, the Chiefs are  Super Bowl champions, the Great State of Kansas is celebrating, and it’s time to reveal our judging panel’s (me and Office Dog) favorites from this year’s crop of ... Read More