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Once, while trying to solicit some business, a Copywriter/Creative Director looked at my portfolio and said, "You're not a poet." While I understood his meaning, I've always tried to emphasize performance over poetry in my work. (Plus, you rarely saw Maya Angelou schlepping Hefty Trash Bags.) Thus, "You're not a poet" became both a badge of honor and a rallying cry. So, in my He's Not A Poet blog, you'll find random thoughts on advertising, alarming alliteration, a plethora of punditry, and absolutely no poetry!

He's Not A Poet

The 2015 Super Bowl Ad A

Welcome to the 2015 Super Bowl Ad Awards For The Non-Poetic! Super Bowl XLIX is done, the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champions, Pete Carroll has seven months to focus on his 9/11 Truths and it’s time to reveal our judging panel’s (me and Office Dog) favorites ... Read More

Christopher Cross And Ad

On June 21st, 1980, my friend Chris and I attended the Texxas World Music Festival (more familiarly known as the Texxas Jam) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The show featured the Eagles, Foreigner, Cheap Trick, a pre-I Can’t Drive 55 Sammy Hagar, April Wine and Christopher ... Read More