Once, while trying to solicit some business, a Copywriter/Creative Director looked at my portfolio and said, "You're not a poet." While I understood his meaning, I've always tried to emphasize performance over poetry in my work. (Plus, you rarely see Maya Angelou schlepping Hefty Trash Bags.) Thus, "You're not a poet" became both a badge of honor and a rallying cry. So, what follows are random thoughts on advertising, alarming alliteration, a plethora of punditry, and absolutely no poetry!

He's Not A Poet

Brilliant Branding By Bo

As frequent viewers of this show may have noticed, I like beer and spend a great deal of time thinking about it and writing about it. On occasion, when I can surreptitiously skim a few bucks out my kid’s college money, I even buy it and drink it. And, when it was announced a few ... Read More

The 2014 Super Bowl Ads

Welcome to the 2014 Super Bowl Ad Awards For The Non-Poetic! Super Bowl XLVIII is done, the Seattle Seahawksare the Super Bowl champions, Joe Namath’s coat is aggressively humping his leg before curling up to sleep at the foot of his bed, and it’s time to reveal our judging ... Read More