Ph Communications

Oklahoma City Copywriting, Design, Creative and More

What We Do

Your Success Is Our Success.

In today’s competitive market, is your message being heard?

For over 20 years, Ph Communications has been a leader in developing cost effective, results-driven strategies to create the most effective multimedia campaigns. Whether its simply copywriting and design to promote your product or service, or creating an effective corporate identity, we want to be your partner for success.

What Makes Us Different

As an independent advertising and communications agency, Ph Communications works for you. While some agencies focus on winning awards and hunting the biggest clients, our philosophy is simple: We believe the client/agency relationship is a long term partnership and that your success is our success.

What We Offer

Our services are not limited to the creation of newspaper ads or radio spots. Instead, our focus is to work as your partner to create campaigns that work. Our highly creative team develops concepts that both grab the customer’s attention and communicate your message effectively.

As an independent agency with “Big Agency” credentials, Ph Communications provides:

  • Creative Advertising solutions across all media
  • Effective Brand Enhancement and Creative Concepts
  • Expert management of all your marketing activities
  • A professional, flexible team only concerned with your results

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